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There is a saying in Chinese Medicine: ‘Above all else, protect your digestion’. Your digestion is probably the most important biological process for determining your general health. Deciding what to put in your mouth and your body’s ability to digest, absorb and excrete it, will dramatically affect the quality of your life.

You may feel some of the classic symptoms like bloating, gas, constipation, pain and acid indigestion, but most people do not realise that energy levels, immune resistance, sexual health, mood and appearance are also directly linked to digestive health. In fact, almost every facet of your health starts with a good digestion.

We all will suffer from digestive health issues at some point in our lives but far too many of us just live with them or allow the conditions to become chronic. We are far too reliant on quick fix indigestion pills, liquids and laxatives to hide the symptoms instead of looking at the root causes.

pain, trapped wind, heartburn, nausea, bloating/belching


  • INDIGESTION (excessive eating and rich foods)
  • DYSMOTILITY (slow functioning stomach)
  • GERD/ACID REFLUX (acid leak into oesophagus)
  • ULCERS (bacterial irritation of stomach lining)
  • FOOD INTOLERANCE (body unable to digest certain foods easily)

pain, feeling full, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, bleeding, itching, mucus


  • SLUGGISH DIGESTION (slow functioning intestines)
  • IBS (nervous and stressed digestive tract)
  • CROHN’S DISEASE (chronic inflammation of digestive tract)
  • ULCERATIVE COLITIS (inflammation and ulcers along digestive tract)
  • FOOD INTOLERANCE (body unable to digest certain foods easily)
  • HAEMORRHOIDS (swelling of veins in rectum and anus)


Chinese Medicine believes that there are 3 main factors which can negatively affect your digestion


It is impossible to overstate how much stress affects digestion, in fact, digestive problems are commonly the first physical sign that you are under stress. Chronic conditions like IBS and constipation are usually markers of chronic, long term stress. When you are stressed you release adrenalin which actually stops your digestive system from working properly. In order to beat any digestive ailments you must also deal with your stress levels. This also includes emotional difficulties, anxiety and depression. For a more complete guide on beating stress, please read our stress guide.


It is pretty clear that if you are having problems with your digestion, then you have to look at what you are putting into your body. There are a million nutrition books out there trying to instruct you on the perfect diet. The fact is that everyone is different. In Chinese Medicine, we analyse the persons underlying syndromes and characteristics before giving specific diet advice. Some people can eat mildly spicy food, others should avoid chilli altogether, some people need more carbohydrates, others more protein. If you are suffering from a specific digestive condition then it’s best to see a Chinese Medical Doctor so that they can advise you individually as part of your treatment. There are however a few general rules and guidelines for a healthier digestion (see diet advice page).


Most people do not realise the effect of weather, humidity and temperature on their digestive system. Sudden changes to external temperature affects your circulation, nervous system and also your digestion. Living or working in cold, draughty conditions can weaken digestion, hot weather can cause bloating and water retention. It is important that anyone sufferring from digestive health problems should try to stay warm and dress appropriately for the weather.

Digestive disorders in Chinese Medicine are generally regarded as a result of imbalances in the Stomach and Spleen, the two main organs responsible for digesting, absorbing, transporting, and transforming food into Qi and blood which nourish the body and support all other bodily functions. The Stomach governs the acceptance, digestion and passage of food and its normal movements downwards. If the Stomach energy moves the wrong way (upwards), symptoms will occur such as fullness, pain, nausea and vomiting.

The Spleen’s main functions are to transform food into energy, and transport it to all parts of the body. The Spleen also shares with the Kidney the function of processing water and body liquids. Weakness of the Spleen, therefore, can lead to water retention as well as fatigue and lack of energy.

When you see a Chinese Medical doctor you will be asked many questions in order to see what particular syndromes you suffer from and how they relate to your digestion. You will then be treated with herbs and acupuncture for your syndromes which will help your digestion as well as seemingly unrelated symptoms such as fatigue, skin problems etc.

Some of the classic syndromes that cause digestive conditions are:

  • LIVER QI STAGNATION – This is the major syndrome for stress and can lead to IBS and food sensitivity.
  • SPLEEN QI DEFICIENCY – This is a slightly more advanced syndrome that can be caused by stress or other factors. It leads to excessive mucus, inflammation and bloating. Most people with spleen QI deficiency feel sluggish and tired.
  • STOMACH QI DEFICIENCY – This is the main syndrome related to indigestion or dysmotility.
  • YANG DEFICIENCY – People suffering from this syndrome tend to have a lot of diarrhea and need to eat warm foods.
  • EXCESS SYNDROME – This causes water retention, weight gain and a general heavy feeling after food.

There are many people who are too embarrassed to come and get help for their digestive problems. Our doctors discuss toilet habits with every single one of our patients, every single day. Don’t let embarrassment stop you from getting some treatment.

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