Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Best acupuncture for anxiety in Miami, Florida

Best acupuncture for anxiety in Miami, Florida

In an anxiety-related disorder, your fear or worry does not go away and can get worse over time. It can influence your life to the extent that it can interfere with daily activities like school, work and/or relationships. Fear, stress, and anxiety are “normal feelings and experiences” but they are completely different than suffering from any of the seven diagnosable disorders plus substance-induced anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and trauma- or stressor-related disorders. Acupuncture can help you to get relief from the anxiety.  QC holistic medicine & acupuncture provide the best acupuncture for anxiety in Miami, Florida.


1. Through medical reports and our own special diagnosis, we determine the underlying imbalance which causes the anxiety of each individual patient.

2. We help relieve the discomfort or pain to any part of the body, which is caused by anxiety disorder symptoms as described above.

3. We help alleviate anxiety disorder symptoms as described here, with our Hi-Tech Energizer Machine, acupuncture, and/or herbal remedies.

Anxiety Disorder Description and Symptoms

If you often feel very anxious without reason and your worries disrupt your daily life, you may have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder causes excessive or unrealistic anxiety and worry – well beyond what’s appropriate for a situation.

Living with the anxiety disorder can be difficult, but treatment is available. Medications and psychotherapy can help ease symptoms, and you can learn healthy coping skills to manage anxiety disorder and take back your life. Signs and symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder can vary in combination or severity. Anxiety disorder symptoms may include:


Feeling of being keyed up or on edge

Feeling a lump in your throat

Difficulty concentrating




Being easily distracted

Muscle tension

Trouble falling or staying asleep

Excessive sweating

Shortness of breath




If you have an anxiety disorder, you may experience times when your worries don’t completely consume you, but you still feel rather anxious. You may feel intense worry about your safety or that of your loved ones or you may have a general sense that something bad is about to happen, even when there’s no apparent danger.

As with many mental health conditions, what causes anxiety disorder isn’t fully understood. Researchers believe that it may involve naturally occurring chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine. However, it’s likely that the condition has a complex set of causes that may include your body’s biological processes, genetics and your environment and life situation. Along with phobias, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder is among the most common. For anxiety disorder to be diagnosed, someone must meet these criteria:

Excessive anxiety and worry every day for at least six months.

Difficulty managing anxiety.

An anxiety that is associated with several specific symptoms, such as feeling keyed up, difficulty concentrating, muscle tension and sleep disturbances.

An anxiety that causes significant distress or impairment in your daily life.

An anxiety that isn’t related to another condition, such as substance abuse.

Anxiety disorder does more than make you worry. It can also lead to or worsen a variety of potentially serious conditions, including:


Substance abuse


Digestive or bowel problems


Teeth grinding (bruxism)

If you often feel very anxious without reason and your worries disrupt your daily life, you may have an anxiety disorder. Quantum Cellular Holistic Medicine & Acupuncture (QCHMA) provides the acupuncture for anxiety in Miami, Florida. Best acupuncture treatment & clinic for anxiety and depression In Miami. Free consult, call 954-987-6988. Serving Hollywood & Miami, Fl

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