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Best natural facial lifts treatment center, doctor, clinic in Hollywood, Florida

Best natural facial lifts treatment center, doctor, clinic in Hollywood, Florida

A Natural Way to Look and Feel Younger…

Until recently Cosmetic Acupuncture had remained one of the best-kept secrets of Hollywood’s rich and famous. This has recently changed with celebrities such as Madonna, Prince William, Cher, Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer and Gweneth Paltrow coming forward as spokesmen for the effectiveness of Cosmetic Acupuncture. However, this is not a celebrity fad or a new treatment; it began thousands of years ago when early Chinese writings described and promoted the treatment for a variety of conditions. To prevent disease, preserve beauty, and delay the effects of ging. We are the best natural facial lifts treatment center, doctor, clinic in Hollywood, Florida

The Acupuncture facial, or acupuncture face-lift, uses ancient Chinese Medicine to treat skin from the inside out. During an acupuncture facial treatment, small needles are used to stimulate circulation, boost collagen production and plump fine facial wrinkles. The resulting “lift” is why the procedure is often considered an alternative to the traditional face-lift and not simply a replacement for spa facial.

A surgical face-lift can make the face look 10 years younger but without a natural healthy glow, therefore, that face cannot be considered young and beautiful. It lacks the vitality that can only be obtained from inside out which. Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation balances the body’s energy and natural healing abilities. When the skin is stimulated the body’s response is increase blood circulation, boosting nutrients and collagen to the area treated and fighting free radicals’. Free radicals are the organic molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage: Acupuncture treatment aids in their removal along with a balanced diet and healthy living.

Who can be treated?

Unfortunately not everyone can receive this treatment. The following ailments are contraindicated;

-Pituitary disorders, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, and high blood pressure, people who have a problem with bleeding or bruising or who have a pacemaker or people who currently suffer from migraines.

It is not suitable for pregnant women or during a bout of colds or flu or an allergic attack or during an acute herpes outbreak.

How long do the results last?

Results are often noticed after the first treatment. Facial revitalization reduces wrinkles around the face, the neck, and “crow’s feet” around the eyes, dramatic transformation takes time but the effects are lasting. Skin damaged by lifestyle, gravity, and the sun requires more treatment than healthier skin. Smoking, alcohol consumption, insufficient sleep, stress, workaholic, and sun damage are examples of experiences that damage the body and the skin. What happens to the inside the body shows on the face. Don’t forget Acupuncture treats the whole body so you are also marinating you health and vitality, and boosting the immune system; therefore, some benefits stay with you forever unlike cosmetic surgery.

Does it hurt?

Most people feel nothing at all. Occasionally, some people do feel a slight tingle.

Who benefits From Facial Revitalization?

Everyone! Young people, men and women in their 20’s and 30’s, wrinkle formation begins around your 25th year but the earlier you start looking after yourself the better and lasting the results.

Some of the benefits are listed below:

• Helps reduce bags and sagging tendencies
• Improves collagen production and muscle tone
• Helps eliminate fine lines and diminish larger wrinkles
• Helps reduce double chin and lift drooping eyelids
• Improves metabolism
• Tightens pores and brightens eyes
• Increases local blood and lymph circulation
• Improves facial color
• Reduces stress and promotes total health and well-being
• Improves acne (caused by hormonal imbalance)
• Helps menopause, perimenopause, PMS and other GYN issues
• Helps sinus congestion and headache
• Improves hyper- and hypothyroidism
• Reduces symptoms of toothache, TMJ, trigeminal neuralgia, and Bells palsy
• Helps headaches (except severe migraine)
• Helps to eliminate edema and puffiness

Advantages over cosmetic surgery?

Surgical face-lifts and procedures do make the face look younger but acupuncture facial revitalization is a safe, non-invasive, chemical-free, and cost-effective option. There is no “recovery time.” Week after week, you will come to your pampering treatments and soon see the results developing. It won’t be long before friends start telling you that you “look good” and ask you what your secret is. You retain the real “you.” The treatments encourage your skin to repair itself.

What are the advantages over Botox?

Facial revitalization doesn’t inject anything into your body. The series of treatments will last about 18 months to two years, or longer, when combined with appropriate follow treatments. The best news of all is: It simply costs less and …Some benefits of acupuncture stay with you forever.

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