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People often have pain and suffering because they often have additional un-diagnosed problems causing the pain. Many times this includes common ailments such as back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, or pain elsewhere in the body. Five basic organs control different systems that affect the entire body, including people’s emotions. Imbalances like anger and depression or other problems most people are not familiar with can occur because blood flow problems, deficiencies, or wrong sitting/sleeping positions. We are the best pain control management clinic and specialist in Hollywood, Florida.

We find and treat the root cause of your health problems. Many doctors just treat symptoms and pain with harmful medications or unnecessary surgeries. We do not take that approach.


Things such as high tension levels can cause high blood pressure, and side effects from medications can slow down the blood circulation to the entire body, including the head, limbs and internal organs. Unless the limbs, head, and internal organs receive enough circulation, and the joints receive enough lubrication, strain from simple exercise and even common, wrong sitting or sleeping positions can cause pain and disease.

Conditions that are left untreated can gradually cause poor circulation, making the body weak and imbalanced and overall health worse over time.

Caring Individualized Treatment

The Acupuncture Pain Control Center and the Advanced Acupuncture Center provide caring, individualized treatment for each patient. We combine accurate diagnosis of each patient with treatments including acupuncture, electro-therapy, bio-magnetic and infra-red light therapy. Patients receive higher effectiveness of treatment and relief from chronic pain and conditions.

We have achieved excellent results in Stroke RecoveryChronic Neck and Back PainPinched NervesDegenerative Discs, and Arthritic Stiffness, where the patient endures debilitating and consistent pain. Click to see a list of Conditions we Treat.


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