How to Detoxify your Body Naturally

Over time, our bodies slowly pick up toxins in many ways, such as by eating or inhaling them. Some believe that these toxins can strain our organ systems − especially the liver, the main point of detoxification in our bodies and eventually cause serious health issues, like depression, joint pain and mental health.

We can provide the gentle push necessary to naturally optimize your body’s everyday detox and cleansing processes.


Detox Therapies We Offer:


PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy):

Increases blood circulation, enhances more energy, reduces pain, improves internal organs function, corrects and repairs tissues regenerating cells from toxins, poisons and viruses.


Light Therapy:

Detoxify all internal systems, connect the blocked systems, stimulates the liver to drive toxins from the body, relieve the pain and stimulates steam cells.


Vibronic Energizer:

This treatment stimulates our blood cells to make it regenerate in all systems to make it become healthier. Detox the blood, muscle tissues and internal organs.

It is especially important to have proper blood circulation while you are undergoing a medical detoxification. The better your blood flow, the faster you may start to feel better.

Acupuncture can point the body’s essential energy in the direction that supports its detoxing functions. Chinese herbs can work to replenish the Liver, Kidneys and Lungs with the essential energy they require to perform daily detoxification. This can help the root cause of disease and chronic problems related with pain.


Detox Benefits:

Remove toxins that harm the body, detox the internal organs, eliminate chemical & heavy metal poison build up in the body, eliminate food allergens, eliminate sugar and weight and more!


What Kind Of Allergy You Should Care? We Can Help!

Drug Allergy (Penicillin, Cortisone, Aspirin, Morphine, Adrenaline, Mercury, Iodine, etc)

Material Allergy (Wool, Cotton, Nylon, Rubber, Leather, etc)

Natural Allergies ( Animal Fur, Foods, Flower Pollen, Wood, Grasses, Oils, Coffee, Hay, tobacco, etc)

Metal Allergy ( Aluminium, Copper, Zinc, Gold, Platinum, Silver)

Sundry Allergy ( Alcohol, Whisky, Plastics, Dust, Fungi Allergy, Hereditary Allergy)

Most Common Poisons & Toxins (Arsenic, Cocaine, Nicotine, Polluted Water, Alcohol, Sugar, etc.)


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